Open practice 10/9 from 6-8. Check out the FALL LEAGUE page!
Is there a B team? Are there tryouts?
• Yes and yes. Ohio State has two men’s ultimate teams which include our A-team (Leadbelly) and a B-team. By the end of fall quarter, we will select the best, most promising, and most committed players to join our A-team for the rest of the season. EVERYONE else is invited to play with our B-team. This team still practices and travels to tournaments like the A-team. The difference is that the attitude is a little more relaxed and the team is less of a time commitment. Both teams have coaches that help the players develop their skills and have loads of fun.
Open Practices
• We will have practices in the fall that everyone is invited to. The practices are a great place to learn the game of ultimate and meet the returning players on our team. We will also be running a Fall League that everyone is invited to join.
What to bring to practice
• You should bring athletic shorts, two t-shirts (white and dark), cleats, and a bottle of water. Not wearing cleats will put you at a great disadvantage to the rest of players.
Fall League
• There will be a Fall League starting this year that is meant for veteran players and rookies alike to get together and play in a competitive atmosphere. Everyone is invited to join and you can sign up for teams with your friends if you are worried about not knowing anyone on your team. This is a great way for newcomers to show off their skills and athleticism and the league will be a lot of fun. Check us out at the involvement fair and at our exhibition game on Sept 22nd to learn more and sign up for Fall League. The date and location will be determined soon.

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